SatAM Robotnik for Robo Kart 2

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SatAM Robotnik for Robo Kart 2 - The Terrifying dictator of Mobius is here to roboticize you all!

He's Finally Here! The ruler of Mobius, dictator of Robotropolis and arch enemey of the freedom fighters.....Doctor Robotnik! As a terryfiying obese man with a metallic arm, he is pretty heavy, with his stats as 6, 8 (or 6 for speed and 8 for weight) This makes him excellent for bulding fast drifts, and not too shabby with top speed, but he HATES being hit as his accel isn't that great.

He also comes with his legendary voice from the TV show, by the excellet Jim Cummings. Note that I have...

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I think this means we have four Eggmen now. Between the one that comes with SRB2Kart stock, Modern Eggman and AoStH Robotnil and now this one. Certainly a good variety of bad guys to choose from!

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