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Sanic - The legend is back, and about time too!

He is back again, and about time too!
And this time, he's in SRB2!
It's... Sanic Hedgehog!
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As an April Fools' Day joke, I decided to bring Sanic to SRB2 as a special treat for all you guys! This is my very first mod! Anyways, let's see what Sanic can do:
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First things first, Sanic has very high acceleration, making him really hard to control.
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He also has the Multi Hyper...

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The one and only!
Ha Ha, do not use this with Xmomentum.
Hmm, I do not see anything wrong with CrossMomentum... except for the fact that he loses the Multi Hyper Speed-Thok and gets it replaced with the Momentum Thok... which is the same speed for everyone else. Once I learn LUA scripting, I will have more possibilities than ever before!


I hate my life.
I dig the redone sprites for the 2.2 remake lol
jokes aside good mod uh ur too slow price of cake dananananananananuuuuu
oh baby a triple
gotta go fast
Sonic forces


The one and only!


"milk and cereal milk and cereal cereal and milk"
I just think that the thing that we need is a little better sprites
(yes I know this is supposed to be a meme char, but even some meme chars have good sprites)

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