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Rust the Mole

This killer of a passion project started around mid-January, and after several screw-ups and revisions (as well as help from Roach among others), Rust is starting to go down a more correct path. He's still far from finished, but I hope to be done with him by next summer.

Rust doesn't move fast or jump high, so his abilities make up for that.


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And avoid enemies at the cost of moving slower? Good idea!

Even better, the same thing could happen when Rust falls from a great enough height. That would be funny.
That would also be cool!
Although the ability to do it from a high enough jump may be kind of intrusive if it happens automatically. Maybe if you jump and hold the button all the way until you land from a higher than average height level?
this mod is cool!! I can't wait for the arrival of rust the mole in 2023.


when this mod is done i hope you can make a trailer and post it on youtube.
maybe on twitter too.
Entering 2024, Rust is still not even halfway unfinished. Due to a blockade of foreign, complicated poses and angles I need to do, he's officially in development hell. I can't promise any definite release windows, but here's what I've completed of him this year.


One frame of teeter for now, will add more when it starts to look easy.


I know, Rust. Some levels are impossible in your unfinished state.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif

Take a breather.


Did you know moles are naturally afraid of heights?
he kinda reminds me of pete or wario i love the sprites and the bigger more rounded approach and is way different then the smaller scale most srb2 chars haves

I'm fluffing up the top of his head to match his current non-SRB2 design. This unfortunately does make him asymmetrical, meaning more work, but I think he looks better this way.

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