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You should make it so that your movement inputs get interpolated if the game detects you're not using a controller. The game feels too snappy on keyboard right now.


a nice addition would be if when pressing spin in the air without dashmode gives you a drop dash to get your speed started and spin in the air with dashmode gives you an instashield to help keep your speed


Katmint updated rphys with a new update entry:

Fully featured

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(ignore the spin trail, the green screen messed with it)

For some reason I decided to turn this throwaway experiment I made in 2 days into an actual mod. Many things have been changed and added, some features new and others ported from reveries. Here's the list:

Entirely rewritten acceleration, friction, and slope physics:
  • Acceleration...

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Everything feels slippery, speed shoes actually make you slower, and dash mode is a joke.
Holding spin during dash mode is said to do something, but feels like it does nothing. It doesn't actually make you faster, so it's just free invincibility. I feel like Dash Mode should improve Metal Sonic's abilities, not just be there so he can run into enemies in a game with no combat.
I like Sonic's ability.
Stop giving Amy a float move, she isnt a disney princess or princess peach.


If speed shoes are making you slower your input device is malfunctioning. I'm inclined to believe this also because you said spin dashmode does nothing when its top speed is faster than spindashing.


Katmint updated rphys with a new update entry:

Various fixes

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There were a few major bugs in v2 (and maybe some banana peels) so I've removed them. Here's a changelog:
  • Corrected an error in the friction calculations which made everything far more slippery than intended
  • Fixed a few level gimmicks not launching you high enough
  • Fixed conveyor belts, currents, and polyobject pushers being way too strong
  • Mario will no longer cause a massive explosion of lua warnings when loaded
  • Amy tweaks:
    • ...

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Can you like make a version that working with the normal version of sonic robo blast 2 because it not working for me
This build is only for windows, so it won't work on other systems. I'm planning on looking into compiling a version for android but can make no guarantees I'll have any success on that front.


apparently mario shoots off to the stratosphere when he cape jumps
(Tested without any other addons loaded)


I want to report that when I played with modern sonic, the his boost was broken and when way to fast. When I played with modern later again, the problem disappeared but just in case i uploaded the log file.


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