Rogers return and the future of Sonic


Ideally Imperfect
Alright, so most of us know that Roger left and then came back.
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I am super happy that he's has a second chance here, because he had to deal with bad writing for most of his time as Sonic.
And Sonic Boom proved that he had potential as Sonic, so now, with better writing, he can finally be the Sonic I've wanted to see him be.

And then there's that teaser at the end of Sonic Central.
Dare I say it...

It looked about as good as unleashed's opening.
And so I'm thinking...
Has Sega finally nailed down the portrayal and animation that made Sonic awesome in unleashed?
And will we see this consistently now?
Even the animation in the Rise of the Wisps clip gave a similar feeling.
We are entering new times, guys.
And things are looking up.
It's a good day to be a Sonic fan.

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