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This entry was difficult to see where the barriers/walls are due to the amount of teals and blues used. It just makes all the colours hard to differentiate from each other. Perhaps use a different colour to contrast with the teals and blues?


This corner is a really nice set-piece however on my 1st attempt it felt blind on where i was going, i did manage to get an idea of how to take it eventually but its always nice to make corners as user-friendly as possible. just, food for thought ya'know.


Nitpicky but some boosters aren't aligned, If you don't know how to check here.

Another thing that's just personal preference is to apply this to boosters to make them show up more clearly without having to always rely on the ROTZLIT--whatever its called to the sides :)
Very nice map, my only complaint is the fact that everything is so blue sometimes makes it hard to tell where to go. You use a yellow line texture that contrasts really well with the blue, but only in some places. I would really like to see most of the map have those kind of yellow-gold leading lines to help me quickly understand where to go, that's my only real nitpick. The rooftop set-piece MK mentions is really cool, but that spot in particular felt really confusing to me on my first go and I only didn't fall off due to dumb luck.
Walrus updated Lacrima Castle with a new update entry:

Heaven's Gate + updates to Lacrima Castle

Now it's two maps.

Made some changes to improve visibility in Lacrima Castle and hopefully make the roof transfer section less weird, but I'm sure it could still use some improvements 🤷‍♀️. Heaven's Gate is brand new and probably full of even weirder things for everyone to enjoy. And likely also uses a map slot someone else is now using because I haven't checked the list in the last two years.

Read the rest of this update entry...
Hey! Now for the actual post. First of all, one of my friends long ago found this map when it was still just Lacrima Castle. We really liked the map and started host it since. Seeing an update to this by the same author blew my mind. But not only that, the new map has very similar identity as Lacrima. It's really nice you were able to keep the identity during your downtime.

I really like the unique shortcut entry on the new map, and the platform that goes up as you stand on it and up when you are not is extremely unique.

Now for a few problems. Generally, fences are very inconsistent solid. Seems a tradition and I don't blame you for it because stinky zone builder

Here's some example:

There's more of them, but you'll figure it out from here probably :p

The only other feedback I got is this section. I don't know if the issue is my FOV but this part can be kind of confusing where to go next

And once you figure it out you may follow the path and up falling in a pit.

That's all I got. Nice job!

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