Recommended character add-ons?


Hi! I just started playing SRB2 and I got a few add-ons. Are there any character add-ons that you guys recommend? (Characters that use .pk3 files since .wav files crash the game for me)


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Some addons I could recommend are Xmomentum, BuddyEX, SRB2 Chaos Edition, Kirby, Modern Sonic, and Alt Sonic if your intrested
But that's just my picks. You could, however, see in the Releases section what addons you would be intrested in or catch your eye.


Thanks! I think I already have Kirby and Modern Sonic downloaded. I’ll try out the other ones you listed.


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i'd reccommed m a r i a and chrispy chars

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dont play chrispy chars alot in online tho they cause sig sevs

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also for future releases i would recommend nsmbw mario and InaChars aka shadow inazuma and aether

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SMS is fun to play as but he DESTROYS srb2 and most of the time causes the game to crash so I suggest RE:overdrive because he's the only mod character that makes spamming jump an actual strategy.


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Actually I can't give a good recommendation. You can see all the characters, there are not many of them. Perhaps you will like someone, even if they are unpopular!


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I know this is for character addons, but I feel the need to talk about more than just that...

First off, if you're gonna be playing a lot of the game's base levels with custom characters or other non-level content, I'd recommend Custom Savedata, which lets you save single player progress with custom content loaded. Just add your addons first, and then load this. It uses entirely different save data though, so you still cant get emblems, unless you do it with this file. I also only recommend doing this after you've beaten the main game with no addons loaded, so you don't spoil the game for yourself. I know you said "No WADs", but SOCs may be fine.

For more levels, I'd say that the Official Level Design Contests and Unofficial Level Design Collab are great collections of community made level content! I'd also say to play Sol Sestantia - If you've ever heard of the "[Sonic game] in X Minutes" series, this is a pack by the same author, and it really feels like exploring one of his animations! Finally, for an oldie but goodie, there's The Emerald Isles- its certainly rough and aged, but if you wanted to know what good level design looked like in the old days, this pack's still fun!

As for actual characters, Neo Sonic is my favorite of the "alternative" Sonics. It carries the most important elements of Modern Sonic without the need for a ton of other functions the game isn't made for (sorry Modern Sonic), while looking super fresh to boot! Shadow isn't available yet, but he will be soon, and he's a blast to play, but he's for more experienced players. Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll are a combo pack, with Metal Knuckles combining Metal Sonic and Knuckles traits together, and Tails Doll being a fluffy jiggly lad who's really cute. Oh, and there's also that odd statue that jumps weird and shoots razor checker boards. Whatever that's about.
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Hi! I just started playing SRB2 and I got a few add-ons. Are there any character add-ons that you guys recommend? (Characters that use .pk3 files since .wav files crash the game for me)

dude, pointy and fluffy is a must-have for addons, they're great characters that are really good!!


Ah, I actually completely forgot you could download levels. I downloaded some levels. Thanks for the suggestion! ^^


I recommend trying Loafy, Frank and Dummie. There's plenty of mods that can be found in Releases. I made some character add-ons too but idk if they're interesting or fun to play.

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