Ray the Flying Squirrel

Ray the Flying Squirrel v1

peak mod
Can't believe we had to wait for 5 years, it's crazy for a character to become in the SRB2 v2.2, also 4 people made videos of Ray. This includes me as well, hopefully, the team do a great job!
and so our little golden boy is now return to break limits and overcome his 2.1 counterpart (He will be missed tho). Im so happy that his is now become the 2.2 group
Always had the idea that Ray was an honorary Chaotix member and I'm glad you guys made a little nod to that in the beginning of the trailer. I'm so happy with this mod that I'm comfortable with turning off models for the first time in ages. I just got to get used to the gliding mechanics but the additions to Ray's abilities such as the air boost and wall cling will at least make that easier than the last mod.

I'm almost finished setting up my go to cast of characters and I'm so happy to add Ray into my character list. Hope one day Ray and the other Chaotix are officially added to the game, although that will be very unlikely to happen, I can dream.
If you guys are ever considering making Bark the Polar Bear to complete the Fang's gang trio, that would be fantastic.
i would have thought he would have his small upward burst from 3 AIR to help gain glide altitude but this works
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talking about this from the s3AIR ex slot mighty ray and amy trailer
little air boost
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i am so sorry for being impatient this is so epic oh my god
i haven't actually played as him yet but first imma go watch the :wow: TRAILER :wow:
If you press custom 3 between someone who is dancing as Milne, then you can Dance together. It's only supported by characters who can do Milne's dance.
I know about that but the sprites for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are completely different compared to what's in the Milne mod, so I was wondering if it was something else. Maybe it's just the specific versions of Sonic/Tails/Knuckles
What the hell...I did not expect this to happen lol...I keep getting surprised by these mods that come out unexpected

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