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Rapidgame7's uhh thread


scripting bee
bug fabergé

I posted it there,
I'll post it here.
I'll post this everywhere!

been working on a bee from a specific game
Vi from Bug Fables

she can throw boome- beemerangs

and assault egg shaped humans

she has incredible acceleration but extremely low speed

and can work with other bees for glory

Of course, it's a pure sprite rip, but I plan on someday retouching the sprites so they can be colorized by the game, and so that random colors don't bleed where they shouldn't.

Not sure for how long will I be working on this as I tend to abandon projects often, but since I started I've been interested on seeing how far can I work on papersprite characters.
So far my computer hasn't collapsed and the project has been going incredibly well, plus I think I nailed the camera hack, so...

also i *might* end adding the rest of the team


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I'd definitely be interested in seeing this be finished at least, Bug Fables is a really good game! Even if it's technically a sprite rip, custom abilities through the beemerang are certainly more than enough to make this qualify for a release when it's done.


scripting bee

I'm testing a thing involving control points.
You stand in one for a while, and then you capture it.
You stand in one owned by the other team, it first becomes neutral, and then you capture it.
Right now I'm using emerald spawns but I'll probably pick a different way to distribute points across the map. Emerald spawns are too close to the wall for my liking.


I took a break from Vi as I had to finish the game first and get a hold of all possible abilities. I finished the game a few weeks ago!
I've added more sounds and changed how the beemerang is deployed (you can't throw a second one if the first hasn't returned yet), but other than that it's the same bee as in previous videos.
I haven't really made any progress I'm still thinking what am I aiming for lol




Man, all of these look really good, I've always loved mods that change match mode as simple deathmatch can get a bit boring. That's why one of my favorite mods in 2.1 was that old Payload mod.

And Vi looks better than ever, even if it's not the superior character Leif, I'll deal with playing as a bee.


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I loved Hamsterball when I was a kid! Is that the Up Race in that screenshot? I can't wait to see it finished.


scripting bee
The last few days I've been hosting a slightly more complete version of Domination to see how it worked online with other people.
Seems like people had fun!


I'm still experimenting how fast should players be able to capture points, how fast can enemy progress be reversed, and so on.

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scripting bee

Larz T

The math questions really hit different when you only have three seconds to answer lmao. To top it all off, when you're preparing yourself for an action game and then you get hit with math.
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scripting bee
Title 2: The Titlening

haven't posted anything for a long while and i want to feel like i've been working on things
so here are things i've been working on

mystery project #57 except it's golf
i was supposed to have this done months ago but i got stuck
so i'm starting it from scratch in pk3 this time
i can't bear to read the old code, makes me cry

When the uhhhhhhhh
uhhhhhhhhhh when uhhhhhh

fps: first person per second
idk i haven't read the manga

see you on the next issue of , premiering next decade


scripting bee
Been feeling very burned out (and still am), so I haven't been doing much shitposting or bug fixing or anything of that sort.

Instead I decided to see if I could do something more related to updating libraries.
One thing led to another, and...

i had to learn some math, in particular math i still don't know how to use well.
i'm doing momentum rotation incorrectly, i have no idea why, and it's making me feel something beyond absolute wrath :welcometoreleases:

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