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Rapidgame7's uhh thread


scripting bee
Hey there message board people
I make things!

I'm planning on using this thread to showcase any "major" projects I may be doing at any given moment, just for fun.
So, for the opening post, here's a thing I've been working with lately!

(Video has sound - Chrome loves to autoplay videos with the sound off for whatever reason.
Right-click and "Show controls", then just click the sound icon)

This one is oriented to singleplayer only.

Infinite laps! That's the basic gist.
It records your time when passing every checkpoint and lap.
It also "records" ghosts for you to make a collection of.


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Console var to change the hud back? I personally like the old one even if its more cluttered.

But this looks real cool so far.


scripting bee
Console var to change the hud back?
Sure thing!
I wanted to "minimize" the HUD as I'm planning on placing the weapon grid somewhere at the top-left corner of the screen, but I'll allow players to have their original HUD back if they don't find the new one appealing.

my first sonic game in scratchrb2 game
pls rate 5



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Is any of this Kart exclusive? What does this look like when you load it up in Vanilla SRB2? I think this would be a fun character regardless of being in Kart or standard levels!


scripting bee
Is any of this Kart exclusive? What does this look like when you load it up in Vanilla SRB2?

The golf ball and infinite laps are Kart exclusive:
The golf ball uses functions not available in SRB2 so far.
Infinite laps, uh, I'm not actually sure - It'd probably work under Vanilla? After all it just counts checkpoints then shows a string. Kart has a colorized variable for mobjs - Not having it wouldn't be drastic and could be replaced by something else anyways


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Man, now I really want to see a NecroDancer-themed map in SRB2. Bonus points if you can actually get things to work to the beat, but I imagine how difficult that could be given that the game can lag while the music plays normally (especially present during netgames)


scripting bee
I bring things

I'm going to update Heavy Corks sometime soon.

This here is just a shitpost, but bombs can now break weak blocks!
Weak being those that only Knuckles can break by walking on them, blocks that only Amy or Fang can jump onto, or blocks that any spin user can spin through. Just lob a bomb and open the path!
With that, I've also changed some interactions so, for example, blue spheres no longer fly away to infinity. They just fall down.

I'm also rewriting Chaos Mode from scratch.

I don't like the code from the 1.7 one, so I just scrapped a few chunks of code and built around them. Hopefully I get around adding some features to make Chaos more enjoyable!

I'm also planning on rewriting Possession - It could use a little overhaul...
Possession was kinda fun, though the code is a mess.

that's it see you next decade
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