Questions about alternate netgame hosting methods (that is different from port forwarding)

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Hello there! First off, apologies if this is the 316th netgame related help thread you see in a row, but I assure you, mine's a specific one.

So one day, ever since a decline of servers in a specific gametype (and in my region) began, I wanted to try again hosting SRB2 netgames like I did back in the v1.09.4 and v2.0 days. Now, my issue is specific, because first, I do not have administrative access to the router I live in, because it's a communal home's router, thus, not mine. This heavily limits me from my available options I have for port forwarding, although one thread I've found in the MB I haven't tried yet, but may eventually begin experimenting with that method presented in the thread sooner, if the netgame server decline continues.

However, a wackier solution I've thought of, is...
"What if I just buy/rent a dedicated server to use for hosting SRB2 netgames?"
But from sites I've found from semi-lazy googling, I've found they're expensive! (and most comes with linux, which I have no experience with)
And I also thought, that just from hosting a 25 year old fangame is a bit much (unless of course, I decide to start hosting other games there aswell)

Thirdly, my experience with hosting an SRB2 netgame is...well...outdated, to say the least. Back in my 1.09.4/2.0 days, I did have a server managing...script (that were nothing but a buncha condensed alias commands...with some fancy csay flairs), but they were in no means automatic, as I had to be there to manage the script, meaning it wasn't built for dedicated servers. I've seen many useful netgame tools on the addons section, but I'm not prepared to try them out just yet.

In tl;dr, the point of this thread is help towards my indecisiveness. I don't know if I should just wait for someone in my region to begin hosting more netgames, or if I should get off my lazy behind, and start experimenting with the methods listed above? (or if I should just ask for administrative access to the router, so I could properly port forward)


I've checked for professional hosting and they there are some affordable solutions out there(don't know if they are good enough for running a game however).
I kinda agree that hosting a true dedicated server(with automatic restart and stuff) is not for everyone and that it need good knowledge of Linux.

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