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Those, who knows Quake 3 Arena will immediately recognize this game!

Basically, it's an online browser type FPS game similar to...any typical FPS game you've met...

The unique thing about this, is that the first time you create an account, you will can start a tutorial FFA with a CPU controlled player, but she (yes, it's a she) not only explains you how to play the game, but once the match is complete, the game will calculate your skill level, so once you start playing matches for real, you can choose a room that matches your current skill level!

Another thing that's unique that are new maps, weapons, and power-ups never seen in the original Q3A, that makes matches fun....as many new things usually does...

FPS lovers: I say check it out!
Soooo....anybody heard of this game?

(I also saw Spazzo's profile there, but it seems he'd never touched his account since he registered)


Been working. . .
Once In awhile I play Quake Live, but since I'm not active, I never lurked around for people I know who played too. I'm not too into competitive shooters.


I agree Quake 1 was better. Also this was my first FPS that I've played. As for Quake Live its the same story as Autosaver
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