PrismaticAngel's Round 1 2022 OLDC votes


Dutch word-doer
1. Foliage Furnace Zone, Act 2 by Othius, Kanna, & Spectorious
2. Freezer Folley Zone by Fav
3. Spiral Hill Pizza by Rogerregorroger
4. Bitter Brink Zone by MarbleCheese
5. Tarnish Ward by Princess Plushima
6. Magma Laboratory Zone by RoyKirbs
7. Egg Machine Zone by nickls2002
8. SunkSea X Zone by Nuhu64
9. Enchanted Enclave by Vixuzen
10. Festung Oder So by The Shadow
11. Yearning Yachtyard Zone by PhilJFou/ChaRG
12. Chaos Cove Zone by glaber
13. Zaxel's Thunder Yard Zone, Act 2 by Zaxel Katsugyo
14. Hell Coaster Zone, Act 1 by Voidy2246

Here are the playthroughs (all blind except for Spiral Hill Pizza and Enchanted Enclave).

Reviews... well if you really want reviews ask me because I don't really feel like writing at the moment.

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