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Haven't posted my desktop since long before I built my current computer, so here's my current desktop (with two times the monitors for two times the wallpapers)
Link in case the pic won't load, seems to not load for me.

EDIT: Also just now noticed people posting phone wallpapers too. I do not have a screencap of my phone wallpaper, but I did make the wallpaper on my computer, so this is the wallpaper without any icons or anything on it (made with the resolution of the iPhone 5C in mind, as that is what I have.)
Another link in case the pic doesn't load.
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It's been a smooth ride so far on my new hard drive for my PC and I intend to keep it that way for a little bit lol. But here's my desktop background


The art is from NicoCW and is part of his music project he is doing called Sonic Hysteria. Basically it takes old zones from the previous Classic Sonic games and remixes them with a new spin alongside with a few original works. Highly recommend anyone checking out the playlist.


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I'm just being silly with my tripple monitor setup :^)
Story: My second monitor kinda broke (but is still fully functional). The problem with this thing is that every time I turn it on it only shows the image for a fraction of a second and then turns black like if you would turn the monitor off. What I didn't know then is the fact that if I keep the monitor on in that black state long enough (something like 5 minutes) it would show the image properly after turning it off and on again. However, I figured that out after I bought another monitor of the same quality as my secondary monitor for about 10€. I did that because I was already too used on having 2 monitors on my desktop PC and making multitasking on one single screen was just to cramped for my taste :P. And now I am sitting here with 3 monitors. NICE!


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I swear to god, Windows Update ALWAYS screws up my color calibration >.>

Source (Warning: The source image is 37,7 MB big, you have been warned)

I thought about getting a new tripple monitor wallpaper and setting this huge 11686x2877 pixel image up required me to do some simple tricks. At first I just tried setting it up as a wallpaper but it was too much for windows and I just got a black desktop. So first I had to downscale it to match my total tripple monitor resolution. Then Windows screwed up transparency and I got THIS as a result. I had to fill out the transparency with black color myself and then adjust the image to the lower height of resolution on my two outer monitors. The final image ended up looking like this. It's really neat and a lot more colorful than the Aperture Laboratories logo which I got tired of.


guys is it still 2006?
Motherboard died so I said fuck it and moved my wife's pc into my case, along with my GPU and (now formatted) SSD. Now she has to deal with dual monitors because I'm particular. I haven't bothered repopulating my desktop shortcuts yet. I'll do it after I delete Skryim for being a broken piece of shit. Or maybe I'll leave it empty, I dunno.



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Hey, I'm alive!

I also have some of these new found desktop thingy's everyone has..

Personal laptop


Gaming Rig (It has lights!)


Now excuse me while I disappear into the abyss for another few years~
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