Post your Desktop


Blue Warrior said:
Interesting thing is that it would make a big difference if that planet wasn't in the background.
I have to agree with that. :P
Anyway, I managed to take shots of my other desktops yesterday. Didn't get a shot of Vista because it boots so damned slow, it's totally unbearable. D:
My shooptastic XP desktop:

PCLinuxOS2007. The sprite I was working on in the picture looks like crap, yes, 'cause I'm still not done with it. :P


newbe comic artist
Darkness claw, that background is perfect for Christmas, I'm envious I didn't find that.


WR 102
This is one reason why I like having a dynamically changing image on-demand.
Flame said:

I am indeed running on a Windows Operating system. I just so happen to take the screenshot at the time I was screwing around with the Windows XP task bar. If you notice, there isn't a Start button. :)


The Tortured Planet guy
By the way, do you notice the blue triangle? That is the main character in a video game I'm designing: Triangle Legacy Revisited.

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