Port Forwarding via Windows Explorer


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DISCLAIMER: This method only works with certain ISPs, if you have an AT&T or similar ISP, this method won't work. Consider it an alternative to this guide.

Hey kiddies.

Are you confused about port forwarding?
Can you not get access to your router's wifi page?
Did your router, for some reason or another, remove the port forward dialog?

If you say "Yes" to all of the above, here's an easier solution that doesn't require you to open another tab.

STEP 1: Turning on Network Discovery
(If you know it's already on, then you can skip this step)
Start by opening Windows Explorer and right-click "Network" and click "Properties"

From there, click on "Change advanced sharing settings"

and make sure that "Turn on network discovery" is checked

STEP 2: Finding out what your Local IP is
(If you already know what your local ip is then you can skip this)
Start by opening cmd prompt

Whilst inside cmd prompt, type ipconfig and hit enter.
Your IP address will be here, keep that number in mind (write it down if you have to)

STEP 3: Time to actually port forward now lmao

Go back to Windows Explorer and Click "Network". Your router should be there under "Network Infrastructure".
Right click it and go to "Properties"

A window should pop up, it should look like this:

If it doesn't, then you should restart or update your computer or something, if it still isn't there then, I don't know what to tell ya :^(.

Anyways, go ahead and click on Settings, then click Add.....

Then go ahead and put stuff in.
Description of service can be whatever.
The text box under that must contain that number (your local IP address) said earlier.
External and Internal port should both be 5029.
And UDP must be checked in.

If everything is put in correctly, then click "OK" to close yourself out of all these windows.

Afterwards, start up a server and use this site to check if your server is reachable.

If it's in the green, then you are good and ready to host your game!

Just keep in mind that the port you just forwarded may not be permanent, so make sure that every time you host, you keep that site open just to check if everything's good and nice, if it isn't, then repeat all of the above to open your port again.
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I tried to do this, but when I open the port checker website, the color's red and it shows a different IP (71.x...) instead of the one I used (192.x...).
Is there a way to fix this?


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That different IP is your EXTERNAL IP, which is different from your Internal IP. Ignore that number, it isn't important.

Also make sure your server is up when you check that site.

If that doesn't solve your problem then idk what to tell you :^(

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I'm guessing this doesn't work if you're connected to the Wi-Fi via ethernet? Cuz I can't open up the properties for the ethernet. It brings up this:


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Great but the only problem is on the part where you go into the adapter and add the ports and ip. It never saves. either it just doing it to make so it can make me look stupid or theres something else happening

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