OLDC 2023 Round 2 Released


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Hello everybody! OLDC staff and the collab participants have been working on the next exciting round of the OLDC for quite a while now, and we’re pleased to finally share what we’ve cooked up. (I’m a bit late to publish this, but between issues preventing me from getting this news post up at all and some severe bugs with the initial release, I opted to wait.) We decided to have a little extra fun this time around, allowing participants to create little stores in a mall, which functions as this round’s hub. As with last round, participants were also encouraged to allow fellow participants to enhance their map submissions.


Welcome to OLDC Mall, your one stop shop for everything you need. Please enjoy your visit, and we hope you have a wonderful day.

Round 2 here contains a total of 34 maps to play (not far from the current record of 41), ranging from plains to farms to glaciers to asteroids and much, much more. Mappers like Othius and Vixuzen have returned to the event once more, and newcomers like starshy and SonicHeroX45 have brought some variety to the table as well.


Twilight Hill Zone Act 2 by csean07 ⭐️Kori⭐

There are once again several new features this time around, the most important of which being the mall minimap, which can be enabled or disabled with a console command. The mall really is massive, but the minimap should help you find your way around.


Hexacolor Heaven by FAVman33

If you’d like to play the latest iteration of the OLDC, make sure you’re running SRB2 v2.2.13 or later, then click here to grab it! Quite a few entries have already been submitted for the next OLDC, but if you haven’t gotten yours in yet, make sure you do so before May 1st, 2024, at 11:59pm UTC (6:59pm EST).


Fortune Forge by Ruberjig

As always, thanks for your continued support of SRB2, and thanks for playing! Speaking of playing, quit reading this post like a big nerd and go play the new OLDC pack already!

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