OLDC 2021 Round 2: Entropy


1. Sunset Summit Zone
the worst level. whoever made it needs to be burnt at the stake.
2. Nimbus Lake Zone
I've said before that yyeellooww's levels absolutely NAIL atmosphere. They're actively an inspiration for me, and part of why I started making Sunset Summit. This level combines the fantastic atmosphere of your previous maps with some incredibly solid level design that makes this map an absolute blast to run through. It is AMAZINGLY pretty in OpenGL. Fun, tight platforming, a consistent flow, excellent use of music and colormaps and texture work that makes a level just come together so well.
3. Caustic Crater Zone
Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about this level. I thought about it for a while, and the only reason Nimbus Lake is above it is because it has so much atmosphere. The aesthetics are great, the design is great, the theming is great... it's maybe a little short? Iunno. Solid 2nd in my book.
4. Command Facility Zone
5. Follow Your Rainbow
6. Digital DeLuche Zone
7. Frozen Fissure Zone
8. Botanic Space Zone Act 2
9. Powder Park Zone
10. Rhyolite Ruin Zone
11. Lucid Landscape Zone
12. Grass Planet Zone

O U T S I D E !
I love that your levels use songs with vocals in them... the song choice for this stage in particular has this amazing, fun energy that makes this level a blast to run through, and the balloon gimmick helps sell that vibe. On the other hand, though, this level has a tendency to be frustrating-- it's built to be really cramped. (also it uses bumblebores personal opinion please never use bumblebores i hate them aaaaaaaaaaa) Some directioning issues aside, this level is one i'm happy to label as "fun."
13. Bricked Busted Zone
14. The Twins Palace Zone
15. Pineapple Prairie Zone
16. Blue Glacier Zone

Well, what's here is incredibly pretty. Too bad there's just... not much of it. Going to echo the sentiment a lot of people had and say this really should have been held for next OLDC.
17. Something Zone
18. Invasion Zone
19. Iron Dominion
20. Lofty Woods Zone
21. Junkyard Jeopardy Zone

I'm really sorry for what I'm about to say, because it's very clear this level had a lot of work put into it.

It's not good.

The general idea of it is fine! A tight, industrial, sprawling maze of crushers and zoomtubes has the potential to be really fun while maintaining flow. This level does not do that. Whether it's the random teleports and springs that force you backwards, the zoomtubes that only *sometimes* work, the overbearing colormap that makes it difficult to see (and isn't applied properly to everything, tip, tag your colormaps 65535!), the absolute mess of- and sometimes lack of- directioning, the inexplicable backtracking in the second half... it all adds up to a confusing, halting experience that feels like it was rushed out the door without much planning or playtesting. It's just a huge shame, because the level is mediocre at worst... but in a contest like this, with so many good levels, it ends up dead last on my list.
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