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Mikhael Blur

Contest Winner🏆
Single Player:

1. Bricked Busted Zone by Mikhael Blur
- Sorry for being selfish tho lol, but I will say at most that this is my best level that I have done and included almost (I also add something on MB version, that I can't add earlier) all my ideas there, I think they all work more or less good and made the level I wanted.

2. Caustic Crater Zone by Seaballer - Another awesome map by Seaballer, really impressive stuff (can't full level pack with such levels like yours tbh).

3. Lucid Landscape Zone by Othius - Ngl, this is the best Kwiin level I ever played. Yes, map has some ridiculous bugs such as objects on pits or flying peg midtextures (fixed most stuff on newer version of OLDC). BUT:
- Finally, Kwiin map has more than 2 paths and much more secrets (emblem with several rooms is impressive, even it's "funny local meme hehe" thematic.
- Cool aesthetic, really like that Sonic 1/2 SS-esque theme.
- The only map that makes not bad use of gravity flip.
- With all that, level is much more replayable for me.

4. Botanic Space Zone Act 2 by DeltaSanic - Botanic Space Zone Act 1 was cool, I like it, so as Act 2.

5. Nimbus Lake Zone by Yyeellooww7 - Cool aesthetic, catchy music, map design is okay.

6. Invasion Zone by JABSphere94 - Map itself is... Very weird, empty and looong ngl. But I like some ideas, custom badniks and ohoho... Custom boss. The level is a bit exhausting (cause map is long), but I still liked it tho, very unique experience.

7. Digital DeLuche Zone by RoyKirbs - DELTARUNE MUSIC YAY!! Cool level, like some gimmicks. Although don't really like visual design (kinda wish more various textures) and level almost do not have secrets (so as emblems).

8. Iron Dominion Zone by MK.exe - I like this another MK level, map quality almost the same as that Sand thematic map from previous OLDC. But that level has some weird choices and issues like:
- Awful custom palette. Sorry, but I really don't like it. Too oversaturated.
- Techno Hill thematic is kinda... Frequently appearing? Idk, I'm not really hooked on such a level theme.
- Some rooms are really confusing, which spoil the level itself and get some negative responses from other people.

9. Command Facility Zone by Twins'R'Okay - funny run level lol (nothing more to say cause I didn't know about Doom reference).

10. Something Zone by Marcos - Fine 2D level, nothing else to say.

11. Follow Your Rainbow by Rogerregorroger - It's fine level as other Roger levels for me, kinda wish some obstacles will not that paperish..?

12. Sunset Summit Zone by Entropy - good newbie map!

13. Powder Park Zone by DakotaSpine - good newbie map! (1)

14. The Twins Palace Zone by Chaolino - Ngl level is kinda boring, KINDA, unlike other last Zaxel maps ofc. But I like some gimmicks (like in other Zaxel maps) features like dynamic music (music itself also sounds great) and LORE.

15. Lofty Woods Zone by Vixuzen - it's okay map, kinda likes that semi-realistic forest theme. Vertical moment also kinda boring tho.

16. Frozen Fissure Zone by Garrean - this map has... Serious issues with challenge stuff. The map itself is exhausting, cause map is sooo long. Polyobjects moment in the end feels like nightmare (especially with Software dear god). Also some moments in the map kinda confusing.

17. Blue Glacier Zone by BronsoKip - I will wait for full version for this map.

18. Rhyolite Ruin Zone by Radicalicious - NiGHTS custom map? - Cool!! Map design? - No, not cool, sorry. Feels messy and I almost always got hit in this map.

19. Grass Planet Zone by Voidy2246 - This map feels like mess for me, even that level has, well, fine aesthetic, still not very enjoyable to play.

20. Pineapple Prairie Zone by SupaCustardbro - I like SLW references, but map itself is meh, feels kinda messy and cramped.

21. Junkyard Jeopardy Zone by PhilJFou/ChaRG - This map I went through (kind of) by force (even it's not that hard map tho), that's all I can say.

Multi Player.

1. Colorful Towers Zone by Mikhael Blur - still wait for critics tbh cause this is my first CTF map.

2. Boiling Crater Zone by PhilJFou/ChaRG - lava ouch ouch.

3. Yet Another CEZ2 Knockoff by Othius - huuuuuuuuuuuuge Kwiin level.


1. Marble Acropolis Zone by Diegão - Cool map, even that some weapons are hard to get, also use linedef 7 pls.

2. Yeehaw Village Zone by Voidy2246 - Fine map, feels kinda cramped and messy ngl. Buuut still fun to play, I think.

(!!!) I want to apologize in advance if I wrote rudely about your map somewhere, I didn't mean to be rude in any way, I just briefly wrote my opinion.
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