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OKchars - Ready for adventure.

Hello, today the OK-Chars are joining Sonic & Friends on a new adventure:

HUGO NEON is a character from the Neon Universe that represents speed
View attachment 89990

Jump thok: Press jump in mid air to double jump with a horizontal dash
View attachment 89991

Spindash: Hold spin to release a dash as a ball
View attachment 89992

Bounce: Press spin in mid air to bounce
View attachment 89989...

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New Characters, New Stuffs

Here's the list of changes and additional stuff:

  • Max learned double jump and replaced air drill.
  • Max now glides with Spin in mid air
  • Max now wears a red scarf and equips an arm canon.
  • Max gets knocked back farther when damaged.
  • Max has a new abilities with C1 and C2. (showcase is below the list)
  • Hugo's float replaces jump thok when super. For Max is fly.
  • Two new characters are joining Hugo and Max...

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