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Official SUGOI trilogy port project

Submerged Corridors Overhauled

So, here's my updated "Submerged Corridors" entry from KIMOKAWAII ported to 2.2.

Huge changes comes to the first half of the level,
see for yourself as it has received a total remake;



The second part however only got textures clean up/replacements
and very minor layout changes so no point in showing screenshots for that.

I do plan on finishing the remake process for this level (the 2nd half really) in the future
and later on release it as a standalone ver.


  • VS_SubmergedCorridors22PORT-REMAKE.pk3
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Here's my KIMOKAWAIII boss, Confleggrator, ported to 2.2 with some tweaks to match vanilla 2.2's conventions.


  • SL_Confleggrator.pk3
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Lush Meadow - SUGOI Trilogy Version

While I was unable to get the revamped version done, I was at least able to fix up the original. With that said, here's the SUGOI Trilogy Version of Lush Meadow Zone.


  • VS_Lush_Meadow_SUGOI_Trilogy_Version.zip
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Here are my ports for the SUGOI Trilogy. It was nice to see my subtle improvement in quality and ambitiousness over the years.


  • SL_ChaobrotherSugoibarashiiwaiii_v1.pk3
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Here's Palace Peaks from SUBARASHII, reworked and revamped for 2.2.

I actually made the first two or three rooms of this remake about three years ago, before dropping it. But when I heard this port was happening, I suddenly felt inspired to push myself into making the remaining 90% of the level within the month deadline, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

Fun Fact: Though the structure of the level may seem drastically different, every single room from the old version is still present in this new version in some way shape or form, even if they've been modified or aren't even in the same order anymore. If you're familiar with the old version, see if you can match the old parts of the level to the new!

Some maintainer’s notes:
- I ripped the SOC for the S2HD HTZ Tree from Sky Top Zone because I have no idea how to SOC, so that's probably going to cause a conflict.
- There's a weird and very intrusive HOM right after the third checkpoint that I have no idea how to fix. The nodesbuilder just does not want to cooperate smh

Edit: And now here’s Deleted Domain updated for 2.2! Not as many changes for this one as for Palace Peaks. Everything is, for the most part, the same. I just made some bug fixes, updated some textures and decorations for 2.2, and polished up a few other things I was unhappy with in the original version. I also added in some emblems.

Maintainer's notes:
- Alpine Heights uses the same S2HD HTZ Tree as in Palace Peaks. I put the SOC and sprites into both wads just for the sake of making them playable separately.
- The AMT Crawlas in Verdant Valley don’t work properly, but given that Verdant Valley is already in KIMOKAWAIII, it might just be better to replace these with the ones in there.
- Sunset Mine is missing textures found in srb2assetpack-21.wad.


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Man, I really hate this. This month has been a lot less kind to my free time than I anticipated. Guess there's nothing more to do now than submitting what I did finish. The attached file contains two levels.
  • SUGOI's Gravity Well Zone (MAPG1), which has been recreated from zero. It still follows the same general blueprint as the original, but it should feel a lot more polished to play. It's not 100% finished, it's still missing some finetuning, but it's a good 95% and I'm okay throwing it in as-is.
  • KAWAIII's Pure Rock Zone (MAPG2), which only received a few tweaks. No time to fix all of the issues I feel the map has, and there are still some visual bugs remaining - nothing level-breaking or anything, but still. I didn't even get to add emblems to force people to play this gauntlet multiple times...
And that's it! Yes, I did make a third map, KIMOIII's True Protagonist, but it ain't here. Either recreating her from scratch or patching the old code wouldn't be feasible with the time left, since she relies a lot on jank 2.1 behavior that has since been fixed as well as old 2.1 behavior that has since been changed. So, ah, good luck to Salt and/or whoever gets the job of porting her forward. And sorry, I hate to just dump it on y'all like this.

Last but not least, the credits for both of the included maps need to be updated, as they use textures from the Community Asset Pack. There's specific information in the included CREDITS file, but to summarize: Gravity Well uses textures by Seaballer, Sanic Hodgeheg, Dave Lite and TelosTurntable. Pure Rock uses one texture by Dave Lite.

EDIT: I just have the stupidest dumbs sometimes, especially when I'm rushing. Major oversights in GWZ's level layout and Lua script have been corrected.


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I was going to do a whole lot more to this but some urgent matters came into play.

Here are minor updates to my SUGOI and SUBARASHII submissions, sorry if they're in a wad file instead of a pk3, I haven't gotten around to figuring out how to port it over.


Fudge Canyon
  • no more spike-balls, people seemed to be more peeved about it than traditional bottomless pits, go figure.
  • more pipes, nobody likes backtracking.
  • improved Knuckles path.
  • added optional Amy path, by recycling Knuckles's path!
  • less boring looking by adding more objects in the middle.
  • misc. fixes.

Pipes of Green
  • Made slopes more obvious, got some highlights and shades.
  • Coings. (hope these aren't against the rules)
  • General terrain improvements.
  • Moved the pipes aaaaaaaall the way up so people can't access them easily anymore, they were way too confusing and made people backtrack a lot.
  • Made end of level easier to find.
  • Updated song to latest version.
  • Fixed button's visual to look correct on latest version (it broke during 2.1's lifetime, thanks cyan)

Pipes of green has one monitor in the beginning that was a Random monitor during 2.1 but those have been removed in 2.2, I don't know what is planned for levels that had those but you can remove it if it is a problem.


  • VAdaSUGOIFixes.zip
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Somewhat rushed but still made it!

While not as much work was done as I'd have liked to do, Wasted Wayward Version 1.8 makes it's early debut here! I hope this still qualifies with the decoration I've done, it's still very much the same theme, just... better realized as what I wanted.

The first part of the stage is mostly the same, save for some odds and ends, but where the original stage ended has been changed and expanded into a second half entirely- Hopefully now it makes more sense why it was so 'wasted' in the first place.

I am 80% sure there are more than a few slime trails in other than just the obvious places, but due to my dwindling patience and college work I did what I could and ensured every character could beat the stage. I wanted to make Amy and Fang unique routes, but with what time I have left I couldn't fit them in. Hopefully the feedback from this, if any, can give me the help I need to finish it up for it's eventual standalone release.


  • Wasted Wayward KimoKawaii.zip
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Redcurrant Brewery
  • Improved a lot of the level layout.
  • Changed the music
Fiery Volcano
  • Revamped visuals and level design
  • Changed the music
Tropical Island
  • Updated the scripts
  • Removed the boss
  • Changed the music
  • Kept the level layout almost the exact same.


  • Lactozilla-SUGOI-v22-new3.zip
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My initial post now has my KIMOKAWAIII entries, plus some very small updates to SMZ (mostly fixing some weirdness that could occur if someone joined mid-map).

EDIT: Quick update for the sole purpose of giving Diamond Valley a flicky list. Sorry for being so late!
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I spent way too much time procrastinating... Like every other SUGOI I've participated in. Oops.
Wish I could've done more with Vs Soniguri, but the rest are about what I hoped I'd be able to accomplish at least.

Ring and time emblems have been added to all of my levels, with an HP remaining emblem for Vs Soniguri instead of the standard score emblem.
Puyo also has a few new features, like English voices and fever mode.


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  • SUGOI_SUGU.pk3
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  • SUGOI_ASBZ.pk3
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Time's up! Actually, it was 12 hours ago. (Don't mind some of the submissions from people I gave time extension after this post :p)

Thank you to everyone who participated! It may be a while before I can start production on my part, but all of the submissions will go a long way towards making my life easier.
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Good luck, and thank you so, so much for putting in the time and effort needed for this- Especially for letting us revamp our levels for 2.2! Take your time, and don't rush yourself- You don't owe us this, and the fact you're doing it at all is more than enough. Thanks again!
Green Hill Zone, LJ Sonic

Here are Green Hill Zone and LJ Sonic, my two entries from KIMOKAWAIII.
Pretty much all the scripts and resources have been edited (except the actual maps, which are identical to the 2.1 version).

Please note that it does not include the level header for the unlockable GHZ. You can just keep the old one, since it has been untouched.


  • sc_GreenHillZoneKAWAIII.pk3
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  • LJSonic.7z
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Update (17/11/2020, 04:23) - Custom HUD was interfering with other levels.


1) A complete overhaul of this boss battle's mechanics, altering level geometry and getting rid of the convoluted linedef trigger executor setups. The original theme/concept design has been mostly kept intact.

2) Enemies, hazards and the boss are all defined via lua

3) A new gimmick has replaced the armageddon shield gimmick, the player will have to meet a certain condition in order to expose the boss

4) The switches (now known as control panels) in the map are entirely thing based

5) Hint objects have been added to the map, touching one will display advice onscreen (type of advice is dependent on boss' state)

6) Most items have been prefixed with "CD" to avoid any clashes with the work of others

Boss, Enemies & Hazards

1) Enemies, hazards and the boss are all defined via lua

2) Enemies attack methods replicate most of their original behaviour

3) Boss now voices a few lines that serve as auditory cues for its next action

4) Thing based laser hazard added to map (only active once certain conditions are met)

Level Design

1) Minor changes to level design to accommodate the boss' new attack methods

2) No linedef hackery

3) Custom pseudo-linedef-special created (via lua) to create a safe area in the map from the boss' nuke attack





  • CyberDetonV2.1.pk3
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Mechanical Garden Update

I just added an extra path to Mechanical Garden Zone from Kimokawaiii for replayability and also minor edits. I wasn't able to add a loop to the music or port the emblems but this is what I have. Sorry for the late submission again but thank you for the extension EDIT: I didn't realize that the button to open the goal at the end of the new path didn't actually open anything, which made it kind of pointless so I fixed it


  • MechanicalGarden22Fixed.7z
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3 days and a lot of stress later, I've finally finished my map.
I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out, so I don't regret taking the extra time to polish it at all, but I am still sorry for Sal who has to put up with my lateness.

And because I keep hearing about how people have issues uploading PK3s, have a screenshot while we're at it.

New music is Grasslands by RedNGreen from SMWCentral https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=20513


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Good luck. I didn't finish SUBARASHII before 2.2 came out, so I've been holding off until it all got ported. Can't wait to see it finally back!
A bit late, but better than never, here are my maps ported, with also some changes.

Nightlight Ruins
  • Killed the 2D section
  • Added normal emblems
  • Changed the colormap
  • Many texture related changes
  • New music - 16bit brain by madbrain
Plastic Factory
  • Reduced enemy spam
  • Monitors placement changes
Midnight Shores
  • Visual changes
  • Reduced enemy spam


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