Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1 my votes (Single player)

1 Foliage Furnace Zone. A little less good: Level Design is a bit confusing in the middle of the level. good: cool speed parts. great aesthetic
looks ideas and music.

2 Freezer Folley Zone. good: good aesthetic. good looks. good level design. and good music.

3 Bitter Brink Zone. bed: hard controls on the slide (with controller). good: cool and good level design. and good music.

4 Chaos Cove Zone. good: good aesthetic. good looks. and good music.

5 Magma Laboratory Zone. good: cool gimicks. good level design. and good music.

6 Festung Oder So. good: cool aesthetic.

7 Hell Coaster Zone. bed: 2d part not great. bed enemy placemeant (2d part). bed level design (2d part). good: good music. good level design (3d part)

8 Zaxel's Thunder Yard Zone. bed: one ramp diden't work and killed me. middle: level design half good half bed. good: aesthetic.

9 Enchanted Enclave. bed: diden't like the enemy's. good: good music and aesthetic.

10 Yearning Yachtyard Zone. bed: boring and too short.

11 SunkSea X Zone. bed: diden't like level design. good: ok looks

12 Spiral Hill Pizza. bed: 90 seconds is too Little time. timer is not on screen. didn't like graphics.

13 Tarnish Ward. bed: boring. diden't like aesthetic nor level design.

14 Egg Machine Zone. bed: too long. a bit boring. didn't like level design (2d part). a bit too herd. bed enemy placemeant (2d part). and bed 2d part.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------least favorite
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