Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 2

Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 2 1.4

So what is the song to digital deluche?

Como le hago para entrar a un nivel del juego en Android

How do I enter a level of the game on Android
You cannot make a level on Android because Zone Builder doesn't have Android support. You will have to have access to a computer with Zone Builder to make levels for SRB2.

No puede crear un nivel en Android porque Zone Builder no es compatible con Android. Deberá tener acceso a una computadora con Zone Builder para hacer niveles para SRB2.
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SeventhSentinel updated Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 2 with a new update entry:

You thought it was OLDC 2022 R1, but it was me, Dio!

Thanks for playing the SRB2 OLDC. This is the last release of this contest pack before the next one comes out, but here are some things you can do to tide you over:

- Squashed Axis2D bugs: Tab+Spin to exit during Something Zone no longer prevents you from walking forward in the hub (thanks to me), and new issues where characters could thok and spindash backwards if holding right are fixed (thanks to @Lactozilla).
- Updated Junkyard Jeopardy, which should now play as the...

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lua warning when a demo loads
Levels will end after 5 minutes.
oldc_nolives set to On
oldc_whopicks set to All
WARNING: Demo version does not match game version. Desyncs may occur.
WARNING: Demo playback has desynced!
oldc_nolives set to On
WARNING: ...\srb2\OLDC_2021Round2_SP-v1.4.pk3|Lua/OLDC/CVars.lua:31: This can only be used in a level!
stack traceback:
    [C]: in function 'G_GametypeUsesLives'
    ...\srb2\OLDC_2021Round2_SP-v1.4.pk3|Lua/OLDC/CVars.lua:31: in function 'returnSpecialCVarValue'
    ...\srb2\OLDC_2021Round2_SP-v1.4.pk3|Lua/OLDC/CVars.lua:40: in function <...\srb2\OLDC_2021Round2_SP-v1.4.pk3|Lua/OLDC/CVars.lua:39>
oldc_whopicks set to All
Levels will end after 5 minutes.
also i mentioned this on discord but the automatic mode bug is not really fixed for custom characters


also this isn't new but any character who is supposed to spin around will get stuck in place thanks to axis2d angle lock

so uhh the button in command facility (4 rooms to go) I FOUND ONE IN FOLLOW YOUR RAINBOW can someone tell me the levels the other easter eggs are in
i found a button in the wishing well in command facility and by termin-knux in follow your rainbow

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