(Not need) help where update 2.2.12?!


Very likes Tea, Video Games, and I guess Robots.
just i wanna plays online.
but ....
but its not out yet right?
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ok i did some research and it seems that it is gonna release today just later so just wait a bit and you should be good. now i also could be understanding the info wrong i got this info from the SRB2 discord but just wait and see.
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ok so did some more research and by that i mean checking my clock and also checking the discord it might come out some other time im not gonna say when cause idk but i dont think its gonna be today so be patent. apparently this happened before with 2.2.11 so no biggie.
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So what that update fixed?
it was this: https://git.do.srb2.org/STJr/SRB2/-/issues/1103

basically, a bug was introduced that prevented Lua console variables from syncing properly over netcode, which you can imagine broke a ton of stuff. so a hotfix was rolled out as 2.2.13 to fix the problem as soon as possible.

props for the devs for taking care of it so quickly, though. i was kinda worried that we would have to deal it for a while until we would get a fix.

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