NordChars(WIP) 1.0


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both characters are literally just tails recolors with extra LUA, drippy is the only character who actually has an "original" ability


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Do you like Eggman collecting all your rings and data? No? Well use NordChars to block attacks from hackers and big tech companies trying to sell your information to advertisers.
It's a frontier promo as well as it is cyber theme
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Get Nordchars today to not get put inside big capsule and so your data don't get hacked today and your able to use it on up to 2 devices (because there 2 characters) and you only have to download today and you will be safe go to this link(even though your already here) be safe today and everyday(jokes aside it probably would be better to put screenshots and gifs because it hard to know what abilities the characters have.)
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Wow, not only are these just two recolors of Tails with very basic ablities apparently, there's just a vague description and no screenshots or anything that tells you what the mod is about

Really not a good way to make people interested in downloading your mod honestly




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you should label this as a work in progress since it lacks some stuff and people are mad about this, ik you said you are going to improve the movesets but still, so we are warned as consumers and should know what to expect. this has a lot of potential and can be so much more, keep it up!:sadthumbsup:


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one thing that makes azure new moveset kinda strange is that tailswipe is mapped to C1
and you will automatically switch to tail swipe after using C1 while flying, you should remap tailswipe back to C2
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and uh.
Tailswipe was nerfed (hench the falling sprite)
and removed the c1 dash (now you dash upwards when you fly)
although now that i think about it, the whole point of Azure was full control.
and i think i kinda limited that.

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