no vdlc folder


so i wanted to use 3d models for modded characters and i looked up a tutorial on how to use the mod models and it has a lot to do with the vdlc folder in models. (this is the part where it gets good) when i go to do that part THERE IS NO VDLC OR THAT WONKY THINGIE UNDER IT. (crazy right i can feel my sanity deteriorate by the god damn minute) I DONT KNOW WHERE IT IS OR WHERE I WENT WRONG IN DOWNLOADING THIS WACKY GAME. and before you say i have to download jeck jims, i did that and there is basicly nothing i can do with it other than lose my facking sanity moving it around in my files
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thank you for your time reading this i have honestly given up but if anyone can help it would mean the world to me


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The lack of that folder implies you only have the model pack that comes with the game. Download the patch that comes with the Addon models here.

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