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no respawning during multiplayer bosses 2.1


LexiDog submitted a new resource:

no respawning during multiplayer bosses - uses coopstarposts to prevent respawning during bosses

this mod will prevent respawning during bosses in multiplayer by setting coopstarposts to teamwork in boss levels, and then reverting that change in non-boss levels
to change what coopstarposts should be set to in non-boss levels, use the console variable nonbosscoopstarposts
this is my first mod, so if you have any suggestions to improve it, please tell me

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lexidog updated no respawning during multiplayer bosses with a new update entry:

2.0 - quality of life tweaks

  • the script has been updated to take advantage of 2.2.9's new CV_Set function; as a result 2.0 will not work with 2.2.8 or older versions
  • a new console variable has been added: allowrespawningduringbosses, this console variable will prevent the script from changing coopstarposts when the map changes if set to yes, effectively disabling the script; it defaults to no
  • nonbosscoopstarposts will now set to the same value...

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