No patches found for CSON frame U?

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So I've been using SonicCE as a base to make a character mod of Pac-Man, of which I am currently just in the proccess of replacing the sprites for. However I have run into a problem where I can't remove the running or super frames otherwise I get am error ingame.

My plans are to have Pac-Man be a slow character, so a running animation shouldn't be nessisary, should it? Second: I don't plan to give him a super form at all. How can I fix these errors without having to give him both of these?

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You have to have sprites for every frame in a character, you can't leave them out. The game doesn't like it if you leave gaps in the frames used. Just use placeholder sprites if you're not using particular frames.

BTW, remember that speed sneakers doubles the character's top speed, so you may want to set runspeed so that even speed sneakers doesn't make the running sprites appear.
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