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(No name yet) - A srb2riders pack!

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Looks cool, maybe it could be improved, but I can't wait for this.

Yeah. things do need changed, here's things that will change:
Toad Circuit will need more scenery, Koopa Ship will have things added to it make it easier to see the level better. Baby Raceway has to have alot of things added to it, mostly scenery-wise. Bob-omb Factory will have things added to it, but I don't now what.

Heres a beta of this pack, its V0.1:

Well, thats it for now.

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This is the new Toad Circuit:

I added scenery and retextured, hope you like :)


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Why is there never Riders mode levels? >.<
Looks good anyways.
With all the effort put into it, riders mode is still boring in my opinion.
I still literally don't know who plays SRB2 Riders for the Riders aspect of it.


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Well the only notable things I'll mention are that in Checkered Road Zone, you're unable to make it under the bridge, while you're using a mega-shroom.
Also, in terms of gameplay, the level just seems like a distorted version of Koopa Ship with a bridge going across, as opposed to springs launching you across. Maybe you could change one of the levels some more, so they don't seem too similar in that regard. Maybe In Koopa Ship, have a section of the track, where you're outside the ship? I dunno.

Baby Raceway is very generic(though I'd presume that's the intention), but it just feels like you're literally going around in a large circle, which'll get boring real quick.

Aside from that, I'm looking forward to your progress! =)
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