Nintendo closing their Wi-fi games in May

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Larz T

This was bound to happen sooner or later. I mean it has been three years since the 3DS' release and most people should have a 3DS and/or a Wii U by now anyways. Microsoft is doing something similar to their 360 Online Services in 2016 because that's when they think the Xbox 360 will be phased out.

At least the Wii Shop Channel is not being terminated. I did have my share in the fun that was Nintendo WFC. Especially with games such as Tetris DS, Sonic Rush Adventure, Mario Kart Wii, and the Pokemon series.
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As someone who has a Wii and DS but no Wii U or 3DS, this makes me sad. Granted it was always pretty hard to find players in most DS games other than the big ones, but Sonic Colors was enjoyable. Now I wish I had bothered to play online more though.

I'm just relieved to know that Youtube and stuff is still working. If Nintendo screwed up my Netflix I'd have to go give them a piece of my mind...

I'll Begin

Yeah, honestly, I'm trying to get my local Nintendo group together to send off these games one last time, but there isn't really a lot of demand for it. Hell, our Mario Kart Wii anniversary event was spent playing Mario Kart 7.

But hey, if any of you wanna play something, hit me up on IRC.


It might be over officially, with Nintendo no longer keeping servers on GameSpy alive, but there is still hope we could still play it online with unofficial homebrew servers.

Here's a post from Sonic Retro that needs to be spread around. Anybody who can provide packet dumps, while the servers are still up, will be very helpful with insuring that the games can still be played online in the future.

Puma said:
A bit of a bump, some news in the world Nintendo modding:

Save Nintendo Wi-Fi
MKW Server-Project

The Wii's online era may not be over quite yet.

Some big names like Chadderz and Wiimm there, seems to be running along smoothly. Hope it goes somewhere, they're working to achieve a greater goal known as the "Pipe Project", re-routing any internet connectivity to their servers rather than modify the games to do so. They're looking for information such as old friend codes and packet dumps if anybody can contribute.

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This has been a very sad day for SSBB online and Project M and Mario Kart DS. It brings tears to my eyes to see childhood games not being able to play online and having challenges with other people... But that is how Nintendo gets it money for the newer consoles, which I think kinda sucks.


Can't the Wii U play Wii games? And can't you play online on the Wii U while playing the Wii games? Same thing with 3DS and DS? Just asking.

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Yeah! I heard talk among the CTGP community about getting some custom Mario Kart Wii matchmaking servers up (since the game simply uses peer-to-peer for multiplayer) as soon as the news broke.

As for the Project M community, I hear that Dolphin has better netplay than the stock Brawl netcode anyway. And nobody plays MKDS online except for cheaters anyway so good riddance there.

Can't the Wii U play Wii games? And can't you play online on the Wii U while playing the Wii games? Same thing with 3DS and DS? Just asking.
Nonononono the matchmaking servers themselves are going down. It doesn't matter what system you're playing on. It simply won't work anymore once the servers shut down this May.
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Nobody even used the Wifi. I remember when Brawl was out I didn't even really use it because it was so laggy.

The only Wii game I ever played with that ran well online was MKWii. The Pokemon games on the DS would be a cause for some sadness, but they're rendered obsolete by X/Y anyway.

Regardless it's great that custom servers are being put up. I'm sure they'll run better, and you know that it's going to be a dedicated community that keeps playing.
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