Nero1024's OLDC Summer 2020 Votes


A dragon
Rundown on the my votes for the OLDC Summer 2020 Singleplayer levels.

Played as Spyro
Using OpenGL

1. Snowflake Ridge
2. Wild West
3. Shadow of Atlantis
4. Metallic Madness
5. Overgrown Heights
6. Oasis Palace
7. Rustic Templar
8. Cluttered Cavern
9. Myriad Memories
10. Hectic Harbor
11. Toffee Tor
12. Crystal Cave
13. Heroes Hall
14. Magma Falls
15. Valley Falls
16. Concordian Coast
17. Aqua Paradise
18. Cyan Heights
19. Anteggtica
20. Wasteland Wilds
21. Hypertower


Metallic Madness 1 -
- Breakable windows make no sound and use generic debris.
- Bustable fof needs better indication that it can be busted, such as cracks.
- Room with smashing floors can be bypassed by walking the ledge next to the window.
- Outdoor area with the open bottom needs better indication that you float, such as wind noise or something.

+ Looks nice, pretty (if albeit lo-res) textures and lots of slopes.
+ Flows well.


Snowflake Ridge -
- Kills framerate, prob from all the fancy code going on. Settles down after a while.
- Enemy selection and placement needs work. Hive Elemental and it's angry bees needs to go.
- Basket code messes with Spyro's chargeable/flammable enemy table that I have to slightly work around to enable full support with the two custom OLDC enemies. (use table.insert in the future)
- No butterflies that sparx can eat to restore health. Perhaps enemies should sometimes release a butterfly flicky that Sparx can eat?
- Fire Powerup gate has no obvious uses (I pushed a fix to allow Spyro to superflame). The powerup protects you from the freezing pain water, perhaps it should be an invincibility powerup instead?
- Finding all 600 gems is a bit of trick to pull off, you'll be searching for quite a while.
- Charging/Spinning/Whirl-ramming/Dashmode-ing through baskets should make the gem that pops out auto home in on the charger to be collected, like in the original Spyro games.
- The magic whirlwind feels a bit jank with it's simple fan updraft properties, it should be more ACZ's whirlwinds.

+ Nice implementation of Spyro's game mechanics in SRB2
+ I'm a sucker for Spyro.
+ Sparx
+ Level fairly good to explore when you're not being cucked by bees.


Wild West Zone -
+ Lots of paths to choose from.
+ Neat theme.


Aqua Paradise -
- Repetitive textures, could use a little more variety.
- Wide open area at the end looks like a boss should have been there.
- Went the wrong direction one time.

+ Flows well enough


Myriad Memories -
- Too dark for it's own good, ruins a few puzzles as you try to find that too-well hidden gargoyle.

+ The darkness creates a nice ambience, though it hinders some of the puzzles.
+ Puzzles seem logically sound.


Hectic Harbor -
- Texturing is a bit bland.
- A bit too short.
- Music is louder than other tracks in the game.

+ Fun to faff about in.
+ Chaos Emeralds?


Magma Falls -
- Ugly lag spikes on my machine
- Rollout Rocks can harm the player when going through the lava "bumps". I'm assuming the challenge is for the player to jump over the bump while keeping the rock under you to land back on.
- Unclear how to continue at one point. Door that was previously closed opened when I touched a monitor at a different part of the area. An indication that something happened would help.

+ Flows okay up until you get to that one area.


Crystal Cave -
- Repetitive textures
- Teleporter only works when on the ground. Teleporters with beams of light should teleport the player when they touch the beam.
- Very cramped


Toffee Tor 1 -
+ Interesting use of the Rollout Rock.
+ Good flow.


Hypertower -
- The music is bad.
- Bland texturing.
- Layout needs more time in the oven.

+ Could make for an okay platforming challenge. Just needs more polish.


Shadow of Atlantis -
- Swimmers can end up lost

+ Nice theme.


Cluttered Cavern -
- Unclear where to continue at the lava area


Oasis Palace -
+/- Was expecting "Quicksand FOFs: The Challenge Stage", got solid ground instead. (Probably would have been tedious to implement with how detailed the stage is)
- Got samey towards the end.

+ Looks nice.


Valley Falls -
-! Underwater maze section ruins a decent stage.

+ Flows pretty nice until the underwater section.


Heroes Hall -
- Could do with cutting a few button hunts.


Cyan Heights -
- Very short.
- Very cramped.
- Texturing could use some work.

+ Interesting glider gimmick.


Wasteland Wilds -
- Repetitive textures.


Concordian Coast -
- Very Short.

+ Decent flow.


Anteggtica 1 -
- Bit too empty, where are the rings, enemies, etc?

+ Decent flow. Has the potential of a decent level, just needs actual things in it.

Overgrown Heights -
- Very laggy, lots of visual stuff, hampers some platforming challenges.
- Got yeeted to the finish from a certain waterfall.

+ Very detailed.
+ Okay flow.


Rustic Templar -
+ Nice flow


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