Need AfterImages to my mod!

David In SRB2

i make mods and stuff
So I need to make afterimages to my mod (that is davi alone, after my mod got canceled) since I don't know how to make Lua coding, i'll put the image.

so these are the afterimages (blue, then brown) or the pizza tower og afterimages (green, then red)
for changing, use the code "davi_afterimage". the options are 1 (blue and brown), 2 (green and red), or custom (color1 and color 2)
I'm sorry, but asking for something like this is still strictly in breach of asking for features or work done be for you. If you want to ask for help how to do this in the first place, than that's completely okay but otherwise I'm going to lock this thread.
if ur going for the most basic after images ever

local afterimage = P_SpawnGhostMobj(
afterimage.color = yourcolor
afterimage.tics = 17

tie this to a player think or something, thats all i will say thanks

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