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Ok so to create a teleporter in your map, you're gonna need a linedef executor. To setup our teleporter Linedef exec. we first need to create a sector inside our map. This sector will be our trigger sector, which is what the player will have to enter in order to trigger the LE, this sector should have one of the trigger line ex. sector types as well in order for the LE to work.

Next we have to create a control sector outside our map, the easiest way to do this is to create a simple square outside of our map, this square will have the linedefs that will handle our teleporters. Select one of the linedefs and give it one of the Linedef exec. trigger actions.

Theres many of them, each with their own trigger conditions, but for the sake of our teleporter, lets use Linedef type 302: Once. Next we have to connect our trigger linedef and our trigger sector with a tag. Tags are how linedef actions know which sector to affect. Let's give both our trigger linedef and trigger sector a tag of 1 to connect them together.

Now let's get onto the actual teleporter part, select the linedef that's adjacent to your trigger linedef and give it linedef action 412: Teleporter, now tag that linedef to whatever sector you want with a new tag. Lastly, we have to place a teleport destination thing into the sector we want our player to warp to. Place a teleport destination thing (thing type 751,) inside of our destination sector, it can be anywhere in the sector, but for now, lets place it in the center. This thing is what the player will actually be teleported to, and will be facing the same angle our TP destination is.

And Bada Bing Bada Boom! We have ourselves a nice teleporter!

Here's some extra tips for you, the teleporter isn't just for teleporting players, pushable objects like gargoyles and also be teleported. In addition, there are also some settings with the teleporter linedef you can tweak by checking some linedef flags. Do you want your teleporter to be silent? Then check linedef flag 1, you want the player to keep their angle and or their momentum when being teleported? Just check either flag 6 or flag 9!

Hope this whole explanation helps out.
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