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Nav's Map Pack! - Classic Sonic Maps

Now I have two maps! What's next? I plan on filling out the 'missing' maps from the 16 bit era and possibly mania. I know some of these have been done before, but I have plans of my own.

Mystic Cave s2
Ice Cap Zone s3

"Coming Soon"
Starlight Zone s1
Casino Night Zone s1
Aquatic Ruins Zone s2
Scrap Brain Zone (both halfs!) s1
Sky Chase/Wing Fortress s2
Metropolis Zone s2
Hydro City Zone s3
Launch Base Zone s3
Marble Garden Zone s3
Flying Battery Zone S&K
Hidden Palace Zone S&K

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Hi, I noticed in Mystic Castle, that near the beginning of the course after jumping past the two green blocks and landing on the upper tracks that some of the barricades don't have collision mapping applied to them.


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