Name your first game!

The first game I've played was Tetris (i think). I played it in one of those poor man's Game Boy handhelds that claimed to have something like "9999 games", but in reality they were just variations of the same 5 or so games.

The first game I've played (and owned) on a console was Castlevania 1. Though said console was just a bootleg version of the NES, called the Dynavision.

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what is wrong with the world, really
I played my first game around 4 or 5 xD
it's really old I don't even remember what was its name. it was about smashing ants and u should be careful to not hit bees or else u lose. (ik it was dumb)

1st game played: ants smashing app
1st game owned: Wii sports

when did we grow up?? :devastation:


sonic heroes is a good game
I don't remember if i posted here, But when i was 4, i was given a PS2 with Spongebob BFBB+Movie, Pac-Man World 2, 3, And World Rally,
And some Crash games. (Nitro Kart, Tag-Team Racing, and Twinsanity) I played BFBB first.


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if gamez in general count, the firzt game i played waz webkinz! (if web gamez dont count, then it'd be atelier iriz 1!)
the firzt game i ever owned though.. itd have to be tomodachi life!! (or zonic lozt world on 3dz, can't remember)

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