Name your first game!


The first game I've played was Tetris (i think). I played it in one of those poor man's Game Boy handhelds that claimed to have something like "9999 games", but in reality they were just variations of the same 5 or so games.

The first game I've played (and owned) on a console was Castlevania 1. Though said console was just a bootleg version of the NES, called the Dynavision.

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I played my first game around 4 or 5 xD
it's really old I don't even remember what was its name. it was about smashing ants and u should be careful to not hit bees or else u lose. (ik it was dumb)

1st game played: ants smashing app
1st game owned: Wii sports

when did we grow up?? :devastation:


sonic heroes is a good game
I don't remember if i posted here, But when i was 4, i was given a PS2 with Spongebob BFBB+Movie, Pac-Man World 2, 3, And World Rally,
And some Crash games. (Nitro Kart, Tag-Team Racing, and Twinsanity) I played BFBB first.


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if gamez in general count, the firzt game i played waz webkinz! (if web gamez dont count, then it'd be atelier iriz 1!)
the firzt game i ever owned though.. itd have to be tomodachi life!! (or zonic lozt world on 3dz, can't remember)


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Like majority of people here, I forgot (how original)! HOWEVER, from mind, I think my first played game was any of those dumb mario flash games, or alternatively... drum roll, please. ...Shrek 2 on the Playstation 2. Yes, you heard it right. I loved it and still do to this day! The game and PS2 belonged to my sister, but when I was young I used to... heheh... randomly use her videogames and consoles (most notably her Xbox 360, which sadly I’m pretty sure it got bricked since it doesn’t turn on and the usual green “eye” turned red). As for owned, it was a wide selection of Wii games. Pretty sure the first one I gave a shot to was New Super Mario Bros Wii, ultimate classic game.

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This is actually pretty hard to me to answer considering how the memories of my past have been locked away for the longest time by a mental condition.

One of the first games I recall actually getting to play in my life before the incident was Wild West Bank (Commodore 64), while I didn't really get to own any games of note. After the incident, one of the first games I played were WipeOut & Gran Turismo 2 (PS1) during the time I spent in a psychiatric ward, while the first game I got to own technically was Pokemon Crystal (GBC).

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El primer juego que juge si no mal recuerdo fue Mario Kart ds para mi es muy bueno porque tiene Buenos personajes no como la de 3ds xd

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Es que luego no escribo bien xd
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Nah creo que encontré el problema es el traductor que aveces anda confundiendo que pongo letras en inglés xddddd
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Y creo que no deberíamos estar hablando aca porque es de nombrar tu primer juego

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