My votes


I'm only voting for the single player division.
Here is my ranking:

1. Emerald Aether Zone by Krabsolu
2. Shadow of Aztlan Zone by akirahedgehog
3. Pagoda Park by Rogerregorroger
4. Knothole Coast Zone Act 1 by Apollyon
5. Foliage Furnace Zone by Kwiin & Kanna
6. Alabaster Fountain Zone by BronsoKip
7. Fatal Factory Zone by Kuba11
8. Overgrown Heights Zone Act 2 by InferNOr
9. Square City Zone by Riolucari
10. Galactic Facility Zone by Mondongo
11. Dark Marsh by Vixuzen
12. Hakuryu Dojo by Zaxel
13. Gate Garden Zone by Ruberjig
14. Azlant Ruin Zone by Gambit
15. Aquatic Port Zone by WasifBoomz

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