My votes for the Single Player division


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First, I just want to say the hub world is great. The character select thing is a reference to Sonic Advance 3, and the flying pride flags were a nice touch.
  1. Zaxel's Thunder Yard Zone ✪ OH COME ON I SERIOUSLY JUST GOT TROLOLOLOL'D BY A GOAL POST?!??!??!?!?!!. But seriously, good level. I'm assuming this level was made by the same person who made Hakuryu Dojo from the last ODLC, because I recognize the enemies (including the redesigned bats) and the garden with like 678535467 extra lives. P.S., I took the cool exit. I figured it was probably the best because you literally need 1,000 rings to enter.
  2. Ante-Station Zone ✪ Cool effects. Frick "Euclidean space". Whatever that is.
  3. Floating Emissary Zone ✪ This level is hard but I like it.
  4. Hollow Hill Zone Act 1 ✪ Plus 24½ SanicManiac Virtual Points™️ for a custom title card. Also, I LOVE GIANT RAMPS AND THIS LEVEL HAS THE GIANTEST ONE I'VE SEEN. Great textures, too.
  5. Mercury Mine Zone ✪ Thank God the mercury doesn't just hurt you. Water that hurts you should be illegal. Good music, too. However, I had to use a walkthrough to figure out how to cross the second waterfall of mercury over the lake as Sonic (hint: you can't thok that far. I had no idea there was something you could do as Sonic that gets you further than thokking.) Plus 24½ SanicManiac Virtual Points™️ for the textures.
  6. Koopa Kastle Zone ✪ YOU CAN'T JUST MAKE ME BEAT BLACK EGGMAN AGAIN!!!!!111!!!!!!1
  7. Teal Tundra Zone ✪ The monitors are a bit too easy to get.
  8. Abyss Cavern Zone ✪
  9. Drenched Dam Zone ✪ There's no way to tell where there are invisible walls.
  10. Ridge Rapids Zone ✪ There are no invisible walls keeping you from falling into a bottomless pit. I think this level is mostly easy, but with some unfair traps (waterfalls leading into bottomless pits). Also, the first area of the level completely lacks any enemies. Other than that, the level looks good visually, if a bit empty in places.
  11. Lava Temple Zone ✪ This level screams "2spoopy4me" "GET OUT OF HERE." Not in a bad way, though, just, as in, this place is NOT your next vacation spot. I have no idea how to kill the creepy one-eyed creatures (not the eyeballs), and the thin slanted rail above a pit of lava is just evil. Not a huge fan of the walls that hurt you either.
  12. Bombastic Beach ✪ This level is ridiculously short.
  13. Blizzard Bastion Zone ✪ Please don't make small platforms out of ice.
  14. Music Mash Zone ✪
  15. Emerald Glade Zone Act 1 ✪ There are Badniks spammed everywhere. All three emerald pieces are incredibly easy to find, and two of them are just slightly (barely) annoying to get. Not in a challenging way, just like, "don't hit the Eggman boxes literally all around it lol!".
  16. Fort Sunset Zone ✪ This was just a "get 500 coins" challenge. Not a full level.

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