My thoughts on the OLDC (And the vote)

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Alright, hope this is ok. Here's my notes on each level and my ranking for all of them.

Foliage Furnace Zone
Great stage, but a bit too happy with bottomless pits. Other than that, really well done and is visually amazing.

Azlant Ruin
Direction was a little awkward and bubbles are in strange places during the start. None of the ramps worked for me but the rest was pretty fun

Knothole Coast
Pretty good, although that one secret was a little... awkward. Other than that, really enjoyed it, but it's a bit on the simpler side.

Square City Zone
A fun little zone but is VERY little. Doesn't really last that long and leaves much to be desired.

Emerald Aether
Alright it's fine... but it feels lacking. No special theme, just Green Flower Zone. No special gimmick, no nothing. I mean there's a lot of slopes and springs to mess around with, but it lacks substance to me.

Alabaster Fountain
Simple and straight forward, it was good. Although it's a bit... too simple, so I wouldn't say great.

Gate Garden
This one was pretty fun, but the platforming is a little awkward at times. Also, am I the only one annoyed by the fact that the purple gems don't actually give any points?

Fatal Factory
Alright, this was pretty good. It was a nice test of skill but without being annoying. Although I did notice the music loop.

Overgrown Heights 2
Better than the first. Good sense of direction, interesting mechanics AND it's pretty. Unfortunately it also suffers from pits that force you to die with no escape. Mystic Cave all over again.

Galactic Facility
A great stage testing the works of Gravity control and drowning in space.

Dark Marsh
A fun stage, but the mud being instant death is really harsh and leaves a really bad issue on a stage that would of been great.

Pagoda Park
I REALLY liked this. Great visuals, fun platforming with a good mix of enemies, and a crazy ending segment! The only thing I'd change is to tone down the enemies, mainly the Lance-a-bots.

Aquatic Port
Disorienting textures and just kind of annoying. I didn't really have one of those "This is pretty nice" moments, unlike the rest.

Shadow of Aztlan
Pretty fun, need little Easter eggs and overall a solid level. Also are we in space in the end?

Hakuryu Dojo
Pretty fun stage, I enjoyed the theming, although the Maze was confusing and the boss was... the boss was pretty bad not gonna lie. I died over and over because of the boss hitting me because of their lack of stun frames and I kept falling out of the area! The boss ruined it for me.

And my ranking:

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