My thoughts on the OLDC 2022


(From most favorite to least favorite)
  1. Sunksea X
  2. Hell Coaster 1
  3. Chaos Cove
  4. Yearning Yachts
  5. Tarnish Ward
  6. Enchanted Enclave
  7. Egg Machine
  8. Spiral Hill Pizza
  9. Freezer Folley
  10. Festung Oder So
  11. Foliage Furnace
  12. Bitter Brink
  13. Magma Laboratory
  14. Zaxel's Thunder Yard

To give a bit of a TLDR, I enjoyed most of the levels and loved a few. The levels here are very consistent in quality. Overall, very great showing and kudos to all the level designers!
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You'll need to rank all maps for your votes to count, you're missing three maps.

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