My personal votes on the oldc


hello all! most of you probably have no clue who I am, and it's better like that in my opinion.
anyway here are my oldc votes!

1 vote for Pagoda Park by Rogerregorroger
an incredible and incredibly fun level.

1 vote for Foliage Furnace Zone by Kwiin & Kanna
an absolutely beautiful level that perfects the look of knuckles chaotix, it looks incredible, and is a pretty fun level too!

1 vote for Square City Zone by Riolucariolu
a fun level that reminds me of city escape a little, it just has the speed of a modern level with all of the places to build momentum along with it

lastly, 1 vote for Emerald Aether Zone by Krabs
a wonderful level which is incredibly open to explore, it just has the mountain level feel to it, and is incredible.

so those are my oldc votes!

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