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My oc Dox the fox (WIP)

thnx for the hate speech lol
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one of the reasons i started this project is to see what i can accomplish through out the prosses, and i have gotten better at making sprite art outside of this, here's one of those examples
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also one last thing, maybe instead of calling my mod cringe, maybe give some feedback on to how to improve on the sprites?
your welcome lol
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I would forgive you for saying that to Dox, but you'll promise not to do it again.
If I found something I thought was cringe I would just let go and not say anything nor talk about it.

The character and art seems fine though.
for doing what its was a joke
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Yes, you are a prick. In fact, I would go as far as to say you should be banned.
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And art style is subjective, don't go around acting like one is better than the other, you fool!
getting me banned is to far it was a joke
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They are perfect already, do not change a thing, he is just a punk
just leave me a lone all i said is my "sorrys" plus all you do is find the lillte jokes i make and rant about it!
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Let me politely educate you about how the Internet works:

It's impossible to tell what tone someone is trying to get at using text alone. If you go on the Internet and call things cringe without adding "just kidding" or "/s", people will assume you are being serious. But please also consider that calling someone's work garbage is just...not funny.

just leave me a lone all i said is my "sorrys"

You haven't actually apologized, though? You initially doubled down on your rudeness, and all you've managed to do since then is backpedal. "Hey, sorry for calling it cringe, that wasn't cool or funny of me and I won't do it again" is all it takes. Though, some more useful and constructive feedback would help, too.

You're not going to be banned for one mistake, but please post more carefully going forward :)

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