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My oc Dox the fox (WIP)

The program what the players do sprites.
to make the sprites? i first used krita but i'm using asesprite to make the sprites, but i don't have the full version of asesprite so i have to cpy and pst (ctrl C +ctrl V) and open krita and open the sprite file and then paste the newer version of the sprite over the sprite and hide the original sprite, if u need some help then watch this video that helped me out from the start
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how do you do the abilities of dox?
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th (5).jpg
Do you like it? i made this with libresprite
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i wish i could help but i don't know lua that well, it's just that i want to learn lua quickly so i can help other people in making custom abilities
That looks good Cheeseboi
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im doing the abilities in Slade but idk how to do abilities from C1 C2 and C3
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since people aren't too happy for u using tyson hesse's sonic mod sprites, here's a template from that video i shared u that i used for the Dox sprites
im using Template wad on slade
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Also i can use thats sprites? im gonna do some details.
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BAD OC.png
i made some details on the head torso and legs
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