My game is not saving

So I downloaded SRB2 Kart, and it's been running quite smoothly for me, but the game seems to not save my settings and every time I start up the game I have to go in and put in all the settings and addons I had previously, which can be tedious. Is this normal and if not is there a way to get the game to save settings so I don't have to go back and put them in every time?

I do have some sort of .cfg file (SRB2Kart-10.cfg) that I downloaded off of here (when I initially downloaded the game the program files didn't have one for some reason), but it's not working either.


scripting bee
Where did you install the game?
The causes of the game not saving your settings are several, but the most common one is installing the game in a folder path that is more or less protected by your operative system, like Windows with the Program Files folder.

Also, that configuration file is specifically for Zone Builder, a map editor. You don't need it if you don't use that program.

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