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It's Mr. Computer!
What is this exactly? Well, I decided to start a game for The Independent Gaming Source's Bootleg Demake Competition, where you must take a modern game and remake it for an older system spec. It is also "bootleg" in the sense that you cannot use any trademarks; thus you have to change the names, characters, etc. to make them look awkward. After beginning on my entry, I realized that it'd be a waste of time when I could be working on my bigger game engine instead. So what I did was complete this in two nights and submit it as a joke entry, a good 28 days before the deadline. Since the forums are down (and slightly NSFW anyways), I'll just copy the post here.

So without further ado...


"Do you have the balls it takes to go through several couple devious levels and avoid awesome explosion?!"

Download link:
(Updated to be more friendly with CPU usage)

Includes Windows binary and (sloppy) source code. I would normally code more neatly than this, but come on! Ball Explosion Awesome!

Move with arrow keys. Try to get to the pad marked "End". Esc to quit the game.

Critical acclaim:
"This game is Satan." -Miya
"I died a few times. Where are my explosions? More irritating than IWBTG." -BlademasterBobo
"What the dieut dueriuer dieurwoiroi? I give up!" -SonicX8000

Extra goodies:
Official Wallpaper (1280x1024)


It's Mr. Computer!
You missed the entire point, Metalkids. In no way is this an attempt to make anything that's good. Though, it would be nice if you told me exactly how it crashed. I would like to investigate for when I make future games.


Pretty chill guy
It wasn't sarcasm, I actually like this game...X_X
My only gripe is that the ball doesn't stop moving in one direction even if you have let go of the button long ago. Friction will have to stop it sooner or later...



jesus christ write sarcasm correctly.
Best game ever, attempting to make custom levels :(
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