Multiplayer Ultimate Mode

Multiplayer Ultimate Mode v1.0.9


Tarregor submitted a new resource:

Multiplayer Ultimate Mode - With enemy, coin, and anti-respawning support!

This mod adds a console command that toggles Ultimate Mode, which can be used in Multiplayer.
You may also use this in Singleplayer, which may or may not result in a few bugs occurring... but why would you use this in Singleplayer if you could use real Ultimate Mode instead?

Type "ultimatemode" in the console without the quotation marks to be told how to toggle this mod's Ultimate Mode.

When this mod's Ultimate Mode is activated, and then the current map is re-loaded...

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Legend with Blue Stripes
Finally i can make people suffer and never let them play freely!!!

Wait... that doesnt sound right... :knuxsmug:

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