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People ask "how do I make x on mobile" pretty consistently. There are no official tools or tutorials for doing so, and do not expect us to make any. However, you are free to discuss the subject here. Maybe we can compile all useful info about mobile modding here.

To my knowledge, it's possible to make Lua scripts, audio, and graphics on mobile, and you can use mobile apps to assemble them into a PK3, but there are no mapping tools for mobile that work with SRB2.

Inb4 "but Exagear/similar app exists" -- I'm pretty sure that has spotty compatibility, plus I'm fairly confident the vast majority of people whose only option is a mobile device will not have one powerful enough to run SLADE or Zone Builder at a reasonable speed, if at all.
I actually made a lua on mobile. I copied a txt file then downloaded a lua app renamed the copied txt file and made a mod if someone is worndering about the name of the app i used its QLua
(For sprites) I suggest using Pixilart, go to the draw tool, make a new drawing of 70x70 (Can't be done in the app), then turn ur phone sideways, add a new color palette, call it SRB2, paste the colors in there, and boom! Sprites with SRB2 colors.
Who would wanna us there finger's to make an SRB2 Mod that usually require's you to use a mouse anyway's?
Who cares what someone is playing the game on? If you're interested in modding on mobile it's probably because you have no way to use a PC. Some people can't afford to have both :v
Good day, I'm just wondering if there is a way to edit the skin name for mods when it comes to adding models on Android, I've tried using Zarchiver to extract the S_SKIN file and edit it using Acode but it just ends up breaking the mod, thanks.
aw man, the backup didn't have my reply

You should never edit a skin's internal name just because you want a skin to use a particular model.
Instead, edit models.dat. See here.

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Thanks for your consideration, I think I 've found a workaround.

I know how models.dat works, but the thing is, I have two models of silver, a high poly one and a low poly one, I have two mods that have the same skin name but they are different, I wanted to change the skin name for one of the mods so I could use a different model for each one, (this is for personal use, I'm not going to distribute it,) that was why I wanted to edit the skin name, but it's no problem, I've found a way to work around it without editing the mods, thanks anyways.
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