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MK64 Mario Raceway - Welcome to Mario Kart! A thrilling circuit from an N64 classic!

MK64 Mario Raceway
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The classic track from Mario Kart 64 rushes into SRB2Kart! Though it's changed a bit since the N64 era-a couple flowers blooming, some more trees-it's still the same raceway many have come to know and love.
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A highlight of this course is our good friend Lakitu supervising the race!
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He appears for the race countdown and...​

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Cyan Later!

How did you work in latiku like that, it's honestly crazy that it's done to make it even more authentic to the source.


Straight outta E1M1
Looks pretty awesome, even to me, cuz I'm not all that into Kart.

Now I wanna see someone port over the House from M&M's Kart Racing as an April fools joke.

Cyan Later!

So something I've just been found out is that the objects used on the course have conflicts with Joker's GP Six Dragon Valley's objects, maybe make sure that their ID's aren't the same.


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