Mega Man Online Showdown

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Mega Man Online Showdown is a competitive multiplayer online fangame, based on the Mega Man Classic Series created by CAPCOM. Each player takes control of a Robot Master from one of the classic games (Mega Man 1 to 10) and has to defeat other players in a 2D battlefield in order to be victorious. This is by no means an easy task, since each playable Robot Master has different moves and gimmicks.

Only Mega Man, Proto Man and Roll are available from the start, but earning various achievements within the game will unlock other powerful fighters, including Bass, Metal Man, Splash Woman and many more.

Lastly, there is a smaller but also challenging offline mode in the game, which consists of several training missions that can help master some key game aspects, such as the infamous Yoku Blocks (also known as disappearing blocks) and game items like the Rush Jet.

DISCLAIMER: MEGA MAN and related content including but not limited to the characters used in this game are property of CAPCOM. This game intends only to promote the MEGA MAN original series.


-> 28 playable Robot Masters, each one with 3 unique attacks and different gameplay
-> 14 online maps
-> 13 offline missions
-> Customizable Playlist : Listen to your favorite songs during matches
-> Over 70 achievements
-> Several Game Modes, including Team Battle
-> Up to 8 players can battle at once
-> And much more!

-> Windows 2000 or later
-> Pentium or equivalent processor
-> 800x600 or greater screen resolution
-> 128 MB of RAM or more
-> DirectX 8 or later, as well as DirectX 8 compatible graphics card (32 MB+ of video memory) and sound card.

Note: These are the minimum system requirements for executable files built with Game Maker. System specifications to run the game with a smooth frame rate should be slightly higher.


-> Mega Man Online Showdown (Public Beta I) (8 MB)
This game is one of the best Megaman (Mega Man) fangames I've ever play, it's also an mmorpg, so give it a try.
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