Fixed Mario blocks textures don't update with new joined players

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Just a recorder...
I have noticed that new joined players don't get the Mario Blocks texture that looks brown when the block is empty. It only happens when the player joins to the server and the map is on. But if you reseted the map and the player is still in your server, he can get the updated texture when he jump to a Mario Block.

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Working on a fix for this one as we speak.

(For the coding people that understand):

It turns out this bug comes about because the thinker that changes the texture based on whether there are items inside the block or not isn't synced at all in netgames. It's accidentally removed instead! For people joining a netgame at a level with Mario blocks, this results in there being no change in texture once a Mario block is empty, as seen above.

Thankfully this doesn't affect the rest of the Mario Block's behaviour, just literally the texture changing part.
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